Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

To back our EPOS systems, we offer you the splendid choice of getting your Mobile Apps Developed from us as well. At S-EPOS we stand for amazing and seamless service experience. To make your work extremely easy and to help you make the most out of your business, we assist you with developing a mobile app that takes care of all your business requirements and enables you to connect efficiently with your customers.

With our services for mobile app development in Scotland for EPOS systems, we offer you the perfect assistance. We provide you a solid and completely secure app to help you run your business smoothly.

Why us?

At S-EPOS, we cater to your needs as a business owner. We understand what you need and have a team of professionals work on finding the correct layout and design for your work. Understanding that every business and restaurant will have a specific style in mind, we make sure that you gain the most, by offering you some of the best recommendations.

We offer you a simple and fulfilling experience for your mobile app development in Scotland and answer all of your queries. We understand your need for an app that helps your customers connect with you and leave their feedback.

Our experience in the field of mobile app development in Scotland has been vast and fulfilling. It has taught us many things that help us offer you the correct advise and the best possible mobile app output for you.

With our service, you can find:
  • An application that is user-friendly.
  • A mobile app that allows you to get in touch with your customers.
  • Our mobile application will be interactive, seamless and pleasant for the customers to look.
  • Furthermore, we pay attention to the navigation of our apps and go to extra lengths to make sure that our apps are user-friendly.

At S-EPOS, you can be sure to find the correct and the best kind of service for your EPOS service. We understand that your EPOS system needs a strong mobile app to back up your EPOS system.

Features of our Mobile Application Development

With our expertise, we offer you applications that are developed to perfection. Be it a takeaway app or a restaurant booking app, our service and solutions offer you everything in one application.

Here is what you’ll find with us:
  • Easy to use: Our applications, just like our EPOS systems are simple to use and do not offer any room for confusion.
  • Multiple device compatibility: We make sure that all of our solutions, services and systems are versatile which is why we offer you cross platform functionality. Our takeaway ordering app can work on Android devices as well as on iOS platforms.
  • Voice functionality: S-EPOS is all about being versatile and simple, which is why we offer you a good way to help your customers and clients view what you and your business have to offer.
  • Push notifications and offer system: We understand your need to have everything readily available, which is why we offer you push notifications and the functionality to add offers to your application. You can even create app-centric offers for better results.
  • Online payments system: Our software allows you to provide your clients and customers the option of paying for order online. Be it for a restaurant or for any other type of business model, we guide you to find the correct answers.
  • Loyalty, rewards and discounts programs: Our service understands that you like to pamper your clients and customers, so we enable you to offer them various discounts and create your own loyalty program.
  • Location based services: Every business has a certain areas of functioning, and we understand that. And this is why we offer you the option of providing your clients location-based services for a better experience.
  • Multiple platforms (App store & Google play): For business owners, you can upload your apps on the App Store and GooglePlay to reach out to your customers and to offer them a way to connect with you better.
  • Table reservation system: Our mobile app for EPOS systems help you offer you customers a seamless way of booking their tables with the help of your applications.
  • Customer feedback submission form: Feedback is an important part of your service. So, we develop applications that help your clients submit their feedback.
  • Multiple login functionality: We help your clients make use of various kinds of social media applications, such as Facebook or GooglePlus to sign into the application and start booking!
  • Order history functionality: In order to make your working better and ensuring that clients can make orders easily, we add the segment for past orders, repeat orders and much more!
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    Be it for your restaurant online ordering app or for your mobile apps for takeaways in Scotland, we offer you the perfect assistance. Regardless of your location, we deliver the best mobile apps for restaurantthat cater to each and every aspect of the business.