EPOS Software for Takeaways

EPOS Software for Takeaways

At S-EPOS, we not only understand the necessity of an efficient EPOS system, but we also understand the need for something that is reliable, fast and perfect for your business model. The popularity of the EPOS system for its ease of use has helped many businesses to grow by leaps and bounds.

While there are many kinds of EPOS software systems for business models that offer sales, the requirement for restaurants has been left untouched by many. However, we at S-EPOS, offer you the correct solutions for EPOS software systems.


At S-EPOS we understand the pressure and the need for a highly integrated system that allows your restaurant to flourish. With the internet and various applications for your phone, food options have become widely available to everyone.

With the rise in the consumption of home-delivery food options, it has become imperative that you use the correct EPOS software for takeaway delivery. With the help of our solutions for your business model, nothing seems impossible for you to attain.

With our EPOS software for takeaway delivery, you will find:

  • An integrated system.
  • A system that will help you to monitor your restaurant's sales.
  • You will also be able to manage your inventory with our software solutions.
  • Furthermore, you will be able to access it easily.
  • Our reliable solutions help you find everything in one place

Apart from this, at S-EPOS, we aim to make your experience with us seamless and easy to handle. We understand your need for something that does not get damaged easily. Considering your requirements, we offer you internet-backed solutions with total security from thefts and other problems. Since our solutions and products are fully automated and internet-backed, you will:

  • Never lose your data. Even if your tablet or device through which you monitor your work is fried, your data will be secure.
  • Our solutions are bug-free and help you enjoy reliable services.
  • Furthermore, you can also be sure that your EPOS system will not be affected by various physical damages such as by dust, grime, magnetic waves, spills and more.

Understanding what you need in reality, has allowed us to offer you perfect EPOS software for takeaway delivery.

What to expect from your EPOS software for takeaway delivery?

S-EPOS understands the requirement of a sturdy takeaway delivery software system that offers you an easy way of handling your services. With proper and easy installation, you can experience the following with our EPOS software for takeaway delivery:

  • Fast, easy and Reliable: Our main USP is the fact that we offer you solutions that are simple and easy to use. The fact that our EPOS systems and software are simple to use, easy to take control of and right on point, you will not require to waste your time and energy on learning how to work it. Furthermore, the fact that you never lose your data helps you find it easy to trust our solutions.
  • Integrated Service: At S-EPOS we understand that you will require a service that is not only reliable but allows you to back it up with other services as well. Without the worry of overlapping interfaces, you can find it easy to use our software.
  • Customer Database: We help you in retaining the customer data, which will help you to offer your customers and clients the correct service. Other than this, with the help of customer data you can also add a personal touch to your services.
  • Employee theft prevention: Our EPOS system is fully secure. We help you attain a software that helps you avoid employee theft and helps you keep your earnings safe from thefts.
  • Customized menu and order management: Our EPOS system helps you add images to your menu cards, helps you offer your services online and allows you to effectively manage your restaurant’s orders. Other than this, our system also allows you to edit your menu in real-time.
  • Reservations and booking: Apart from helping you manage orders and delivery systems, we help you find a way to offer your customers a chance to book or reserve tables at your restaurant.
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